Rustic Roots Woodworking offers a variety of handcrafted wooden products, inspired by our deep love and admiration of nature. Some of the most beautiful aspects of nature can't be seen on the surface. Our goal is to showcase some of these hidden gems while maintaining balance with our diversely beautiful local forests.

Our continually expanding line of products include outdoor garden furniture, interior furniture, jewelry, and home décor items. We also offer custom work, turning your rustic dreams into reality.

We are an environmentally conscious company, and in an effort to maintain a small carbon footprint we use only locally sourced materials from New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley region. It is important to us to practice sustainable harvesting and gathering methods. By selectively choosing trees for the individual needs of each project, we can help ensure a healthy and productive ecosystem. We never clear cut or overly deplete any area that we’re harvesting.


In addition to our sustainable harvesting practices, we also use a variety of reclaimed, repurposed, and otherwise overlooked materials. Such as standing dead or already downed trees, driftwood, pallet wood, barn wood, and antiques to list a few.