Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I purchase your merchandise offline?
A: We spend the majority of our summers traveling to different music festivals, and craft shows, we like to be able to meet and build a lasting connection with our customers. For upcoming events please check our homepage or follow us on facebook. 
You can also find some of our merchandise for sale in the gift shop at  
Q:  Are wooden candle holders safe?
A:  Yes they are, the tea light candles that fit them have a metal base which protects the wood from the fire and wax. As with any candle we don't recommend burning them unsupervised.
Q:  How do i care for my natural wooden pendant?
A:  We finish every pendant in a top of the line, high quality jewelry resin. This finish provides a durable long lasting glossy finish which will protect the piece for many years to come. If ever your pendant should become scratched or dull we do offer a refinishing service. For refinishing please submit a request through our contact page.
<<<<<<< IMPORTANT >>>>>>>
Please do not leave your pendants (particularly Pinecones) in a hot car or next to a heat source such as a radiator, a space heater or a wood stove. Tempurtures above 120F can and most likely will cause pinecones to crack and or open. We also wouldn't recommend continuos exposure to chemicals like clorine, such as in swimming pools and hot tubs.
Q:  What is in your natural, food grade wood finish?
A:  Organic walnut oil and natural bees wax.
Q:  What other types of finishes do you use?
A:  We make a wide variety of products, therefore we use an assortment of different finishes on our products to suit the needs of that particular piece. Some of the factors that determine this are desired durability, appearance, location (indoor or outdoor), and use of the product. Some of the finishes we use include natural food grade oil, tung oil, linseed oil, lacquer, polyurethane, spar urethane, and resin. Due to the fact that we use naturally dried materials as opposed to kiln dried, some minor cracking may occur. This is usually a result of differences in ambient air temperature and or humidity. Most times this does not affect the structural integrity of the piece, but rather enhances the natural rustic beauty.
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